Revising an Essay to Achieve an “A”

Objectives of Revision process

Revising an Essay

There are several objectives of this process, but some important ones are discussed below:

  • Does information in your essay support your thesis?
  • Does your work fill any gap between previous research works?
  • Have you structured your essay in a better way?
  • Does your essay paper contain basic elements or components?
  • Have you written any point more than once?
  • Have you used good verb and grammar?
  • Are paragraphs are connected correctly?

Revision is of prime importance for any research paper or essay because it removes the unnecessary things from your document. Students should not rely upon word processor because it removes only limited no of mistakes. Word processor highlights only spelling mistakes therefore you cannot use it for essay proofreading.

Basic revision process

Revision means proofreading of your essay. You should follow the following steps to revise your document:

  • Print out your essay
  • Read it twice and mark up mistakes
  • Correct the mistakes
  • Repeat your essay with corrections

It is better to proofread various parts of your essay separately. First of all read introduction and check for mistakes. Does your introduction catch the attention of audience? Give special attention to first sentence of your introduction. Does your introduction explore the contents of your essay accurately? Check the word length of introduction. Once you finished the proofreading of introduction, proceed towards general body and conclusion.

Now check the paragraph structure of your essay. Each sentence should link with next sentence. The essay body should contain several paragraphs. State a new point in each paragraph of your essay. Check the use of transition words in your essay. Do not overuse the transition words in essay body. The information should flow smoothly from first paragraphs to last one. It is not better to use the complicated words in your essay.