How to properly take research notes?

Taking research notes

When we talk about making a research report, it is obvious from the name that the students have to write about a particular selected topic by the student itself or given by the course instructor. Writing about any topic doesn’t mean to just go online, look for related topic sources and then copy paste the information. Any research paper work requires a detailed work on that topic and in particular, that detailed work should be purely unique and free from plagiarism although you can take help from the source materials available which will help you to make that research paper work carrying great weight and importance. So to make your research paper work more easily, students should take research notes and below are few methods to do so:Research paper notes

Read critically

When you are reading an article online, from a magazine or form a book, remember that the information for which you are looking for will not be always in front of you. You might have to read five to six pages just to see whether that article is useful for your research paper work or not. After you realize that the article or chapter is useful for your research paper work, scan that article thoroughly, look for the main point of that article and see how main headings and subheadings are related to the topic of your research. This is important to do so that before making any notes for your research, you should be confident that you have taken notes from the required source materials and have not wasted any of your precious time.

Take notes carefully

After you have gone through several articles or chapters, you should now take notes of the required information which will be helpful to you for your research paper work. For this purpose, you should be very careful. You should try to be as concise as you could be as it will save your time. Skip any information which you think may not be very useful for your research work. Try to record complete sentences or words but it will be better if you make short forms of those sentences which will be understandable to you plus will also save time. If you think that the author’s words are strong enough to be added in your research then you should copy them as it is but should put them in quotation marks and will be much useful if you also use the name of the author after adding his exact words. Students should also record the page numbers or should save the information of bibliography for every source they have used in their research work either on notebooks or index cards.

Review your notes

It is also important for the students to review all the notes taken by them for their research work before going towards the next step of their research work. They should review that all the notes taken by them are correct and are not mistakenly omitted or added un-needed references or information which might show a little diversion from their focus point of the research work.