How to write a research paper?

Writing a research paper

When a student starts his professional part in his studies, it is most likely that the student will have to face some writing assignments related to the course for which a proper research is required to enhance the learning capacity for the student from that course. These assignments are known as research paper. As from the name, you can say that this research paper writing requires a proper research for a particular topic and all the necessary information is to be added in that research paper with proper evidences as well. So in order to write a good and meaningful research paper, students should follow the few steps described below:

Selecting topic and collecting information

The very first thing for any research paper is its topic. Most students often start their research paper with any topic which appeals them, without concerning to their professor and end up in great deal of trouble in finishing that research work. The reason is that the students have not properly worked for their topic. The student must select such a topic which is of his/her interest plus is also not constricted in respect of information and source materials. Then they should present their topic of research in front of the concerned teacher and should start work after his/her authorization.

After selecting the topic, the phase of collecting information starts. The student will find many sources such as websites, magazines, books, academic or professional journals or any other source which might help them in their research. The one thing which the students must take care of is to collect data from such a source which is reliable and the information collected from a particular source could not be challenged later which will cost the student a lot.

Make notes and outlines

After collecting all the relevant data for your research paper, go through it thoroughly and extract that information or make notes of key points which is related to your research work directly. If the information is stated in general terms then try to write that information in your own words to avoid plagiarism and if you think you have to add the exact words for some important statements, then use quotation marks to highlight its importance and to also avoid plagiarism. Also the student should keep a track of all the information gathered to avoid any problem in future.

When you have marked the information which is to be added in your research paper, organize them in a proper manner and make an outline. Making an outline will highlight your main ideas along with the manner in which you will be describing your detailed work. It will look like as a table of contents in which headings along with sub headings will be shown to make your research paper work more understandable and meaningful.Research paper writing

Make draft, proofread and conclude

Now when you have made notes and created an outline of your research paper, the students should start to draft there research paper into final phase. Drafting of any essay or research paper should have three basic features. The introduction, the body and a conclusion of your research work. The work is not done here yet. After drafting, the students should also proof read their created research paper for any extra wordings, mistake or to add any information if required. After this, students should conclude their research paper and highlighting the purpose of their research in the conclusion. Students should also add bibliography in the end as it will make easier for the teacher to track the information which you have added in your research so check the credibility of research work and to verify that the content of the research paper is unique and free from plagiarism.